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Open your door to the American Dream with family-friendly immigration expert Moises L. Barraza.

Attorney Moises Barraza is a bilingual immigration expert who wins even the hardest cases. We guarantee you the best possible chance of success.

Hablamos Español | Abogado de Inmigración

Our Practice Areas

Family Based Immigration

Are you engaged, married, or want to help your family member obtain legal status? Let us help remove the fear, anxiety, and unpredictability from the immigration process.

Removal Defense

You may only have one opportunity to defend yourself or your loved one from deportation. Let us help you do it right the first time. Avoid tragic, long lasting results, and let us help you achieve your American Dream.


Are you fleeing persecution in your home country? We can help. Turn your tragedy into a pathway to residency and receive protection and safety in the U.S.

U Visa

Are you the victim of a crime in the U.S.? We can help. Turn your tragedy into a pathway to residency and receive protection and safety.


Are you a resident in the United States who has worked hard to achieve your American Dream? Don't let immigration take it away. We will help you protect your American Dream through obtaining citizenship in the United States.


We specialize in immigration law, so that you get the best care.


Our strategy explores everything, and is built on rock solid facts.


Family first, always. We believe in helping families stay together.

Here’s how it works:

1. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

If you hire us to work with you, we will waive your consultation fee. Completely free.

2. Complete your contract.

Once you sign a contract with us and pay in full, we will begin working on your case.

3. Collaborate with our team on your case. 

Our team doesn't just work for you, we work with you.

Attorney Moises Barraza comes from an immigrant family and knows the struggles of immigration first-hand.

Don’t let frustration or a language barrier prevent you from seeking the help you need.

Attorney Moises Barraza speaks Spanish and English fluently and is here to help you navigate the entire immigration process.

Note: Our in-depth fact-finding process and high-quality representation bring you the best chance of success; however, the probability of winning a particular case depends on the facts. Complex cases are more difficult to win, but not impossible. Please consult our office to discuss your chances of winning. We would be honored to represent you.

Happy Testimonials

“From the first time I came to his office, I have been really happy with Attorney Moises Barraza. He is very proactive, and everything has gone quickly – and even more than I expected. He always looks for the best way to help me and my family. We are really, really happy with his services.”


“Moises Barraza is a good lawyer and very responsible. 

He got immigration to accept my petition to remove conditional residence even after the filing date had passed.”


Moises is not only a great lawyer but a great person. From the first time you meet him you can tell he and his team are honest. I can tell his faith is a great inspiration for him. He was our second option for a lawyer, as the first one didn’t want to take our case. Moises did, and with great care.


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