Obtain immigration benefits to protect you and keep you safe in the U.S.

Are you fleeing persecution in your home country? We can help. Turn your tragedy into a pathway to residency and receive protection and safety in the U.S. 

Asylum Seekers

Were you the victim of persecution in your country of origin? Were you forced to flee to the United States for protection?

U.S. Asylum Law is complex and confusing, so it can be very difficult for asylum seekers to articulate their case correctly.

We know how to present a winning case to court. Let us secure the protection you deserve.

Victims of Persecution

Have you been threatened, targeted, or persecuted by gang members or criminals in your home country?

No one should be forced to live in a place where their lives are at stake. You may be eligible for asylum, which grants protection in the United States.

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You Deserve Safety and Protection.

If you have been the victim of persecution in your home country, you and your family could be eligible for legalization through asylum. But the paperwork and the application processes are complicated. That’s why we’re here. Attorney Barraza will navigate the process for you, to help you legally stay in the United States.

The Benefits Are Huge

You will receive a green card, work authorization, and a pathway to citizenship if your Asylum Application is granted. Don’t delay. Start your process with us today!

Reimagine Life for Your Family

By establishing legal status in the United States, you can keep your family safe and find greater freedom. Begin dreaming of how legal status can positively impact your life and your family.

We Win Asylum Cases

We had to flee for our lives… We feared that we would have to return to our home country where we had experienced many problems and dangers. Moises handled our case and we were confident that everything would turn out well. Moises is an excellent attorney and we recommend him.

The Rodriguez family

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