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What our clients are saying

Asilo Familiar Ganado!

La familia Rodríguez primeramente damos gracias a Dios por habernos puesto en nuestro camino a el abogado Moises que junto con su esposa Sarah han hecho un gran trabajo, nos han ayudado muchísimo con nuestro caso familiar.

Nosotros llegamos este país a finales del año 2015 pues al principio nos sentimos muy preocupados. Teniamos temor de que nos regresaran a nuestro país de origen ya que allá nos pasaron muchos problemas y nuestras vidas corrían peligro. Por eso salimos de nuestro país. Luego ya estando aquí nos recomendaron a el abogado Moises nos pusimos en contacto con el y le hablamos de nuestro caso.

El ya nos explicó todo el proceso que teníamos que hacer para que todo saliera bien. Desde ese tiempo que Moises llevó nuestro caso en proceso nosotros nos sentimos confiados de que todo saldría bien. Siempre dejamos todo en manos de Dios y gracias a Dios todo ha sido un éxito. Hemos ganado nuestro caso y nos sentimos muy feliz.

Moises es un excelente abogado lo recomendamos.

Family Asylum Case Won!

The Rodríguez family first gives thanks to God for having put Attorney Moises Barraza in our path. Together with his wife Sarah, he has done a great job and has helped us immensely with our family’s case.

We came to this country in 2015 and at first we felt very worried. We feared that we would have to return to our home country where we had experienced many problems and dangers and we had to flee for our lives. We received a recommendation to contact Attorney Moises, and we discussed our case with him.

He explained the entire asylum process that we would have to go through. From that time, Moises handled our case and we were confident that everything would turn out well. We always put everything in God’s hands and we thank God that it turned out successfully. We have won our asylum case, and we are very happy.

Moises is an excellent attorney and we recommend him.

I-601A Waiver Approved (after other attorneys gave us no hope!)

We had hired an attorney before and that attorney could not resolve our immigration issues. We had consulted two others and they both said it could not be done. Finally, we heard of attorney Moises Barraza through a family member who lives in Illinois. We live in California, at any rate we scheduled a phone interview with him. After the interview he said, “I believe I can help you”. We contracted him and started the process.

A lot of paper work and going back and forth but, everything he asks for is important. We finally got our notice for the interview at the U.S embassy in Juarez Mexico. While we were there his office was constantly checking up on us because they knew we were very nervous and they assured us that they were there to support us if any legal issues arose. Everything went so smoothly, no issues whatsoever.

Attorney Moises Barraza covered all the bases and left nothing to chance. We never met Attorney Moises Barraza in person nor did we go to his office, we did the whole process over the phone, internet and mail. We hope to soon visit this wonderful attorney to personally thank him for an exceptional service. We rate him more than five stars.

– Hector & Ana G.

El Perdón Aprobado Después de Negación Previa

Mi esposa y yo inicialmente sometimos nuestro perdón a través de una persona que no es abogada. El perdón fue negado. Contactamos a la oficina del abogado Moises quien nos sometió el perdón correctamente con toda la documentación necesaria. ¡Fue aprobado! Lo que más me gustó fue que respondieron nuestras preguntas, mensajes, y hicieron su trabajo profesionalmente. Ahora mi esposa y yo no tenemos esperar diez años antes de hacerme residente.

– Marco

Released from Detention/Liberado de Detencion

Less than two weeks after hiring Attorney Moises Barraza, I was released from detention. What I appreciated most about Attorney Moises is that he worked very quickly with my criminal attorney in order to change my unjust criminal charges and ensure that I would be eligible for a bond. Other immigration attorneys had told me that I wasn’t eligible for a bond. 

Menos de dos semanas después de contratar el Abogado Moises Barraza, fui liberado de detención. Lo que mas me gusto fue que el Abogado Moises trabajo rapidamente con mi abogado criminal para cambiar mis cargos criminales injustos para asegurar que yo fuera eligible para una fianza. Otros abogados de inmigración me habían dicho que no era elegible para una fianza.

– Past Client

 I-130 Application Approved Very Quickly

From the first time I came to his office, I have been really happy with Attorney Moises Barraza. He is very proactive, and everything has gone quickly – even more than I expected. He always looks for the best way to help me and my family. We are really, really happy with his services.

– Virginia

I-130 aprobado; I-601A Perdon Aprobado en Tres Meses!

Excelentísimo su servicio. Me encanto. Me gustó su trato personal, y me dió mucha confianza. No tengo mucha experiencia en esto y al principio tenia miedo pero con el abogado se me quito el miedo. Tiene mucha paciencia con las personas.

– Concepcion

Heart-felt Service and Diligence

I came to Moises in October 2013. My husband was in immigration custody and facing certain deportation. Other lawyers told me we didn’t have a case. Moises took our case, and after nine months, my husband came home. I am so grateful to Moises for standing in our corner. I was scared and alone, taking care of our 3 small children. Moises was always there to talk me through and help me understand all that was happening.

– Stacey

Honesto y Digno de Confianza/Honest and Trustworthy

No solo es un buen abogado sino también una gran persona. Moises fue nuestra segunda opinion como abogado por que el primero no quiso tomar el caso de mi esposa. Moises lo tomo y con mi gran admiración esta llevando todo muy rápido y con mucha esperanza de arreglar. Una persona muy honesta y se ve desde que lo conoces. Me di cuanta que su Fe lo motiva mucho, le doy gracias a Dios y una persona que nos contacto con el por todo el trabajo que hace. No duden en llamar.

Moises is not only a great Lawyer but a great person. I know with Lawyers and their reputations sometimes it is hard to be able to fully trust them. Not Moises, from the first time you meet him you can tell the honesty in him and his wife/assistant. His faith is great inspiration for him as I can tell. He was our second opinion in Lawyers as the first one didn’t wanted to take our case. Moises did and with great care.

– Jose

Autorización de Empleo por Medio de Asilo Politico

El abogado Moises Barraza completó mi papeleo para recibir mi autorización de empleo por medio de asilo politico. Me gusto que el abogado me mantuvo informada y todo lo que me decía era verdad. También, los honorarios fueron razonables. Recomendaría este abogado a otros personas.

– Maria

Petition to Remove Conditional Residence Granted

Moises Barraza is a good lawyer and very responsible. He got immigration to accept my petition to remove conditional residence even after the filing date had passed.

– Elsa

Trustworthy and Knowledgeable

I needed to renew my DACA this year. Due to a misunderstanding with USCIS, there was an intent to deny my DACA status. I had 33 days to provide evidence that proved my continuous stay in the US. The President of my University referred me to Attorney Barraza and told me that he was known to be very diligent and professional with all his cases.

Attorney Barraza was very interested in my case. He was with me through every step in the process and would keep me updated on the status of my case. I recommend Attorney Barraza because he is very compassionate to his clients, dedicated to every case and determined to help his clients. Not every attorney is as passionate to help others as Attorney Barraza is.

– Leslie

Recomiendo a Este Abogado!

Yo recomiendo a este abogado por su atención personal y precios razonables. El me consiguió mi permiso de trabajo por medio de acción diferida.

– Isai

DACA Renewal

As I started out my process I was very confident in my lawyer Moises who my sister had recommended. He helped me gather all my information and sent out my application for renewal. Every time I had a question he answered me very quickly, and I was very happy about that.

He also helped talk to my manager at work about this process since my renewal was going to expire, and I got a 30 day extension to work while I waited for the answer. Very happy with the lawyer and I would definitely recommend him to someone else.

– Deyanira

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