Removal Defense

Don’t lose everything you have.

Deportation could force you to leave your family, your job, and your current home. Get your best chance of success with removal defense by Attorney Moises Barraza. We will listen to you carefully, explore every possible option, and work hard to keep you and your family together.

Asylum Seekers

Were you the victim of persecution in your country of origin? Were you forced to flee to the United States for protection?

U.S. Asylum Law is complex and confusing, so it can be very difficult for asylum seekers to articulate their case correctly.

We know how to present a winning case to court. Let us secure the protection you deserve.

Undocumented Immigrants

Have you been discovered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

Immigration Law in Removal Proceedings is complex. You may be unaware of the benefits that you’re eligible for. Many non-immigration lawyers may also be unfamiliar with these benefits, and are unable to help you.

You shouldn’t have to fear losing everything you have. Deportation could mean the loss of your business, your community, or could even tear your family apart.


Breaking Down The Barriers.

Increasing your chances of permanent asylum are difficult on your own. A language barrier alone can make presenting your case to a judge extremely problematic.

Attorney Moises Barraza understands the difficulties and details of immigration proceedings. He will simplify the process for you and walk with you every step of the way.


You May Be More Eligible Than You Think.

Non-immigration lawyers may be unaware of your eligibility for certain benefits.

Attorney Moises Barraza is an expert in immigration law. He will uncover any possible avenue of legalization for you.


Feel Secure.

Whether you’ve been in the country for some time or have recently arrived, there are many unknowns when it comes to the immigration process.

Losing your case could mean deportation, the loss of your job, or even tear your family apart. Attorney Moises Barraza will provide you the strongest possible defense.

Don’t lose the life you’ve worked hard for. Schedule your consultation to discuss your options today.

Here’s how it works:

1. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

If you hire us to work with you, we will waive your consultation fee. Completely free.

2. Complete your contract.

Once you sign a contract with us and pay in full, we will begin working on your case.

3. Collaborate with our team on your case. 

Our team doesn't just work for you, we work with you.

“Less than two weeks after hiring Attorney Moises Barraza, I was released from detention.

What I appreciated most about Attorney Moises is that he worked very quickly with my criminal attorney in order to change my unjust criminal charges and ensure that I would be eligible for a bond. Other immigration attorneys had told me that I wasn’t eligible for a bond.”

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