Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free consultations?

We offer free legal screenings for certain case types. Please call today to find out more about our free legal screenings: 779-379-2770

We also offer one-hour legal strategy sessions with the attorney. The cost of a legal strategy session is $400, which must be paid in advance to book your appointment. If you hire us to take your case, your $400 becomes the downpayment for your case.

Attorney Barraza has planned winning strategies for thousands of clients during his legal strategy sessions, making us the #1 rated immigration law firm in Aurora, Illinois (based on client reviews online). Imagine your brighter future with a winning immigration strategy.

Open your door to the American Dream and call us to book your appointment today.

Don’t assume you can’t afford an attorney. In reality, it could make all the difference for your future and your family. Hiring an expert to help win your case could save you thousands of dollars in the long run, and help you achieve work authorization and ultimately legalization, depending on your eligibility.


Prices are very case specific, and it depends on the facts and workload required by your case. We guarantee that we will give you the best chance of success by providing the highest-quality work for you and for your family.

Many believe they’re unable to afford a lawyer to represent them. So they devote countless hours to the immigration process, without knowing what they’re doing. They don’t know if they’ll even get anything for their efforts. Or they have a non-attorney take on their case. However, immigration law is complicated, and mistakes are costly and sometimes irreversible.


Don’t gamble with your future or your family. It’s always better to hire an expert. We would be honored to represent you.

The “Barraza Law Guarantee” is that we handle all our cases with the utmost detail and professionalism, because we are committed to bringing you the best possible chance of success. We provide high-quality representation for each client.


Because of this, we win the majority of our cases.

However, immigration cases are decided by an independent government agency, and therefore we cannot ultimately guarantee results.

The timing of our work is partially dependent on you. We view the Attorney-Client relationship as a teamwork approach. We will direct the case, but we need the client to be cooperative and organized in providing the information and documents requested.


Once you sign your contract, collaborate with us in providing all necessary documents, filing fees, and information requested, and pay in full, then we are able to compile and submit your case. We strive to provide the highest quality and give each client the best chance of success, so we will take as much time as necessary to submit the strongest possible case. However, we also know that timely results are important, and therefore, we do our best to complete work in a timely fashion.

Once we have submitted an application to immigration, there are various processing times on the immigration side that are outside of our control. We are happy to let you know the processing times for your specific case type during your consultation.

*This answer refers to USCIS applications. Court cases operate on their own timeline and are largely contingent on the schedule assigned by the court. If you have a case open in immigration court, we can discuss the probable timeline, based on your specific case, during your consultation.

The immigration system is very complicated. On your own or with a non-attorney (such as a “notario”, “oficinista”, or clerk), your chances of success are pretty low. Mistakes are costly and sometimes irreversible.


However, if you hire us to take on your case, we will guarantee your highest chance of success. We screen our clients carefully and provide high quality work and aggressive representation. Because of this, we win the majority of our cases.

The probability of winning a particular case varies depending on the facts of the case. Complex cases are more difficult to win, but not impossible. Please consult our office to discuss the chances of winning your case. We would be honored to represent you.

Yes. We will leave no stone unturned to find the best strategy for you, if one exists.

Many of our clients have come to us after being told by other attorneys that their case was impossible or hopeless, and we have found a strategy and won. We have even taken on and won cases that had previously been denied by immigration.

See our client testimonials and success stories.

We have found that most of the people who come to us for a consultation are eligible for a benefit. Perhaps you are eligible for work authorization, a green card, or even citizenship, but you don’t know how the immigration process works or what path is best for you.


Maybe you are intimidated, confused, and feeling lost. Perhaps you are afraid that if things go wrong, you will be denied legalization and deported.

We’ll explain all your options and give you the absolute best chance of success.

The entire immigration process is complex and can be intimidating. We’ll make sense of it for you. Schedule your consultation with us today! 779-379-2770