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Alex is married to a U.S. Citizen wife, and they have two U.S. citizen daughters. Alex was apprehended by immigration and detained for over seven months without bond, because he had a previous deportation order, several drug possession offenses, and a conviction for battery on his record. Immigration was about to remove Alex without a hearing based on his old deportation order.

Alex’s wife had talked to an immigration lawyer who told her there was no hope, before she came to our office.

We fought the case for seven months, halted Alex’s deportation, and applied for relief based on his fear of returning to Mexico. During a two-day trial, we presented witnesses, documents, and expert testimony.

The Judge granted our “Convention Against Torture” (CAT) request, and Alex returned home to his family a few days later, just in time for the Fourth of July celebration.

Free phone screenings Available for: DACA, Venezuelan TPS, and more to come!
Free phone screenings available for: DACA, Venezuelan TPS, and more to come!