COVID-19 Alert

We understand that these are extremely challenging times. Our office currently provides attorney consultations remotely via phone and video to anyone with an immigration related matter, and we are fully equipped to take and complete new cases remotely. Please make an appointment through our website or feel free to call our office to schedule. We are in this together, and we are committed to winning your case, even in the midst of this challenge. 

DACA applicants should be especially careful to avoid immigration fraud while seeking longterm legalization strategies and options. Many non-attorneys helped fill out paperwork and submit DACA applications, but longterm legalization requires comprehensive screening and legal advice from an immigration attorney.

Beware of non-attorneys (often selling their services as form-fillers or “notarios”) who offer cheap options but cannot provide legal services. Only an attorney can provide legal advice and legal arguments required to win most complicated immigration cases and applications.

Our office has served numerous clients whose cases were previously denied by immigration because a non-attorney had tried to provide legal services and failed. Non-attorneys providing psuedo-legal services often commit fraud when filling out the forms. Participation in immigration fraud can make DACA recipients ineligible for other benefits. Know your options and make wise choices!

We strongly encourage all DACA applicants (and all undocumented immigrants in the U.S.) to develop a relationship with an immigration attorney you can trust, who can advise and assist you throughout the complicated immigration process.

The Immigration Law Office of Moises L. Barraza would be honored to serve you and help you through this difficult time for immigrants. Please call today at 779-379-2770.

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