President Trump has ordered that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program be phased out, calling on Congress to pass a permanent legislative solution instead. Individuals with approved DACA status or pending DACA renewals will continue their normal process and their status will be valid until it expires.

The Immigration Law Office of Moises L. Barraza proposes the following three action items in response to this decision:

(1) If you are a DACA recipient and your DACA status expires on or before March 5, 2018: Make an appointment with our office to renew your status immediately. We only have one month from today to submit renewal applications.

(2) If you are a DACA recipient, regardless of when your DACA status expiries: Make an appointment with our office to strategize a long term and permanent legalization option for you that does not rely on DACA.

(3) For everyone concerned about DACA recipients or “Dreamers”: Call your Congressman and Senator and ask them to support a permanent, just, and compassionate solution for Dreamers. DACA was only a temporary solution, and we hope that the phasing out of the program serves to put positive pressure on Congress to pass a permanent resolution for Dreamers.

Our office is prepared to advise and represent DACA recipients, and we will work to strategize a personalized solution for you (regardless of where you live in the United States). Call us today to make your appointment: 779-379-2770.

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